Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Who is this boy?

If this was a blog written by someone who could take good pictures this post would be filled with pictures of baseball caps, dirty cleats, freckled faces, and a boy with his hat on backwards.

But instead its written by someone who doesn't take good pictures and does even worse at getting the pictures onto her computer.  

It happened this week.  There were three boys standing in my kitchen. All eating fresh cookies and talking about their dreams. 

One said he was working very hard to someday get a scholarship to college from football or baseball. 

One quietly stood in the corner and smiled. 

The third, my son, was goofing off as usual.  He was standing between these boys, creating a symbol of their ages.  The other two boys are brothers and Riley's age falls right in between them. 

As he stood there with his red cap on backwards, sandy blond hair sticking out and framing his freckled face; an instant flashed by where I didn't recognize him. It was almost like a stranger was standing in my kitchen eating my cookies.  

It was just a moment.

A half-second.

But in that span of time, my mind raced. 

Who was this boy standing in front of me? 

How did my baby boy go from a tiny black haired baby to this boy in front of me? 

This boy who is becoming his own person.

Spreading his wings.

Dreaming his own dreams.

Making his way in life.

This boy who has shouldered more pain than some men.

The older brother said something funny and my boy tipped his head back and laughed. 

It brought me back to reality.

This is my boy. 

He's my son.

I am so proud of who he is becoming.

Fast forward to today.

He asked if he could ride his bike up to see some friends.

I let him go as a reward for good behavior.

I love how he called me about 20 minutes after he left to tell me that his friends weren't home so he went to the library instead. 

I love how he loves books.

Lately we've been dealing with learning life lessons.

I love how when he makes a mistake he hears me out and learns from it.

I love how he is so determined to be a better pitcher for his baseball team.

I love how he works hard to improve himself when he messes up.

I love how his nose is dotted with the freckles the sunshine has brought out.

I love his laugh.

Especially when he tips his head back and laughs.

I don't know what the future holds for this boy.

I hope and pray it will be great things. 

The past 10 years of being his mom has simply flown by.

I'm excited for the next 10.

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