Thursday, May 23, 2013

One Headlight {and apparently zero brake lights}

If you live in Rittman I'm sure you've noticed Jack (the Jetta) has been looking rather winky.  She had one headlight out for quite some time. 

She also had a tail light/brake light out as well. 

I can't really complain.  This is the first 'repairs' I've had to do on her.

I have changed headlights before and wasn't too concerned.

Until I looked under the hood to see where the bulb should go.  Then I recalled that as amazing as VW are, they are equally as frustrating to fix. 

So I shut the lid hoping the bulb would all of a sudden start working again.

It didn't.

Because I am going to be driving to Hartford in a few weeks I thought it might be a good time to get them fixed.

I heard that some auto parts stores will install things if you buy them there. 

So after working this morning I ran to one of them and bought the bulbs. (after I found out I had 1 of 3 brake lights working.)  Of course it was a woman who helped me so I had to feel ridiculous and ask her for her help. 

She said she could but needed a few minutes to help the others in line behind me. 

I sat in my car and ate lunch and decided to flip through the car manual.

This is what I found on the page of 'installing new lights':
Because installation of new bulbs is becoming increasingly more difficult and special tools and bulbs are required, it is suggested that you go to a Volkswagen Dealership and purchase the bulb there for installation.

I groaned.  I don't have the time or the money to go to a dealership.

A minute later she came out.  I told her what I read and we then looked under the hood (couldn't figure it out) and in the trunk (couldn't see any access there either).

Frustrated I left to finish my other errands.

After I picked the kids up from school, something made me decide to just figure it out myself.

Reagan and I unscrewed a few things, pulled a few wires, unclipped some clips, and PULLED OUT THE DEAD BULB!  I switched the bulbs and put it back together.  I had grease all over my hands, but all my fingernails were intact and none were broken. (Let's not forget the important things).

I knew the brake lights might be a little bit harder considering there was no access to the bulb.  I decided to use YouTube at that point.

I found an awesome video with a very helpful gentleman with a fabulous eastern accent.

I watched the first 30 seconds of it and then yelled for Reagan and headed back out.

Apparently there is a hidden panel in Jack's trunk that opens to the bulbs.

It took about 20 minutes and quite a few times of Reagan hitting the brakes, but we got 'er figured out!

It felt so awesome to first of all have lights, second of all to know that I did it myself, but most of all because I defied the owners manual and didn't take it to the dealership. Haha.

It just felt good knowing that I did something I was afraid to try.  Sounds weird, but car stuff scares me.  I kept putting it off because it seemed to big for me and then I aced it (with Reagan's help). 

Makes me wonder what else I can accomplish if I would just try.

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