Sunday, November 10, 2013

Back in the Batter's Box

My batting coach is kinda tough.

Tough love, I 'spose.

He's encouraging me to step out of the dugout and back into the batter's box.

He's asking me to start warming up and doing some practice swings.

He's not letting me sit on the bench and wait until I think I'm ready.

He tells me that will only make my swing rusty and weaken my muscles.

So I climb out of the security of the dugout.

I squint in the bright sunlight and take a few practice swings.

I can feel the old familiarity of the swing.   The rhythm is coming back.

 It feels comfortable, yet there is still the nagging feeling that my swing isn't quite right yet.

Not ready to go for the big hit.  But I can't sit and wait.

The only way to get that home run is to take chances.

To do my best and focus.

There may be a few more singles, doubles, or even a triple.

Even in my time in the dugout, my batting coach sat with me.  Coached me through my mistakes.  There can't be anymore strikeouts.  The occasional foul tip will be inevitable, but a swinging K is not acceptable.

I need to focus on the pitch, watch for timing, and use all my strength and swing.

I'm still in the batter's box.  I'm still stretching out through my lethargy.

Tomorrow I'm stepping back in the batter's box.  

This time with more focus and determination.

My time in the dugout was not wasted.  I learned something important and valuable.

We all have time in life where we sit in the dugout.  In the dark.  Where its cold and lonely.

But we can't sit for too long.  Bench warmers don't hit game winning runs.

We must pick ourselves up off the bench and walk back out and step back up to the plate.

That's what I'm doing.  I'm taking the risk.  But I'm back up to bat.

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