Sunday, November 17, 2013

bubbles, Bubbles, BUBBLES!!!

We are almost settled into our *new to us* house that we are renting.   There are the few boxes (okay...many, not just a few) boxes that still linger in the hallway and corners.

Working crazy hours will be my excuse.

While this house is small, needs a few updates, rather unnoticeable if you were to drive down my street; it has everything I could have ever wished for.
  • Attached garage.  I've never had one and am feeling rather exceptional about it.
  • Has a dishwasher.  Seems rather small to add to my list of dreams.  But I went a year without one.  It  was not fun.  I think I would rather go without a microwave than a dishwasher.
  • I have a WALK-IN closet.  Huge, huge closet. I painted it a vibrant 'Japanese Kimono' color (pinkish-orangeish/coralish color).  There is always a party going on in my closet ;-) 
  • I have a jetted/whirlpool tub.  Yep.  Was so excited for that one, but knew I wouldn't have the time to use it much. 
Friday night I worked 2nd shift and made it home around midnight.  The kids were either at moms or a friends' house so I had the house to myself.  I should have unpacked another box, or vacuumed the floor, or something productive.  Instead I decided to take a hot, whirlpool bath.  

Sounds rather relaxing, right? 

I filled the tub with hot water and climbed in.  Hit the jets, to the fullest power, and sat back.  About .02 seconds, I noticed there were a few bubbles.  I knew that the water could bubble up a bit and didn't think much about it.  Then about half a second later the few bubbles turned into thick white bubbles and started to rapidly rise. 

Then I remembered. 

Earlier in the week, Rhianna yelled from the shower "WHO DUMPED ALL THE SHAMPOO OUT OF MY BOTTLE AND FILLED IT UP WITH WATER???" 

There really was only one possible culprit.  

One little brown eyed, blond haired, prank-playing, boy who would do such a thing.

I *honestly* have no idea where he got his prank-playing, goofy antics from.  Don't ask my mom either.  She did not have a daughter who did crazy antics.  And that daughter still doesn't do goofy things on purpose either.  

I made him pay me for the bottle and told Rhianna to use my shampoo.  I left it at that and forgot about it... 

...until the bubbles were up past the top of the tub, only 45 seconds into my 'long, luxurious, and relaxing bath'.   

I laughed so hard.  Then I got up, showered all the bubbles off, got into jammies, and did what I should have done in the first place.  

Cleaned the kitchen.  

I almost let the jets run, close the glass doors on the shower, and see how high the bubbles would go.  

Now I'm regretting that I didn't. 

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  1. Love this and your light hearted attitude! Live on, Miss Julie!