Monday, November 11, 2013

Star Birthday {11 on 11.11}

Riley told me that I should have had him 2 years earlier. 

That way he could have had his star birthday (turning 11 on the 11th) on 11-11-11. 

My bad.  :-)

I should have thought that one through. 


I'm going to say what every other moms say:   

"I can't believe how fast they are growing up!"  

And its true.  

I can't believe that I have an 11 year old. 

What may be worse is that I'm old enough to HAVE an 11 year old.  

You may laugh, but I am determined to stay close with my kids as they get older.  I am determined that their teen years will have more wonderful moments that bad times.  To make that happen, I have to lay the groundwork.  And I have to be working hard at it now.  

I asked Riley if he wanted me to come into school today and eat lunch with him.  I know that around this age, they can be a bit embarrassed of their weird/old mom.  I assumed he would be okay with it, but a little nervous that it would be the first time of many where he would say "No. Just stay away". 

He was so excited that I was coming (made me smile) but what really surprised me is the hug he gave me in the hall as he met me for lunch.  IN FRONT OF HIS CLASSMATES. 

We ate lunch together and then he asked begged me to come out to recess with them and be all-time pitcher for kickball.  How could I say no to that? 

Each team had one time up at bat kick and it was time to go in for afternoon classes.  

He gave me another quick hug and thanked me for coming. 

This afternoon he had a friend over and I ordered pizza.  Then quick making brownies because this really bad  really overtired mom of his forgot to get him a cake.  (I'm having a real party in a few weeks so it was legit that it slipped my mind...right??) 

He played football all evening in the backyard with a group of kids.  I think he had a pretty good day. 

But what surprised me the most was his answer to my nightly question of "what was the best part of your day?"  He didn't say the pizza, or the friends, or the brownies.  He said "You coming in to lunch and playing kickball."  

I wanted to cry. 

I love this boy who is quickly becoming a man.  

He has had a lot thrown at him in his very short life.  But he hasn't let it get him down.  He knocks each one out of the park and is making the best of it.  He will go far in life.  I just know it. 

I wanted to find a picture that best described Riley.  I found a few over the past year that I found.  Most made me smile as they show a glimpse of my wild and crazy little man.  


Showing us how to properly ride a dinosaur at the Creation Museum: Feb '13

Riley and the beloved Chinchie

What? Cold rain and mud?  Why would that stop us from playing backyard football? 

So excited he got #2 for his baseball jersey.
He has to have his number :-)
Bauman #2

Starting pitcher with his starting catcher after a win.
These two became great friends after working hard together through a baseball season. 

Love that he sets high goals and goes for them.
He wanted to be #1 reader in his class with the highest AR points.
100 is the goal to earn an ice cream party.
He was so determined to be top he ended up with over 300.
Hoping he carries that determination to succeed through life. 
Rittman Sleepwalker Parade on the Football float.
Sitting between his brother and his good friend, Seth. 

Working hard on the line. 

My favorite player on the team ;-)

Getting his jersey.
So excited!  (And just bit sweaty)

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