Thursday, January 16, 2014

2nd Grade Persuasive Essay {I'm convinced}

Reagan brought home a packet of graded papers.  The top paper said "Opinion Writing Rubric". Apparently, his class had to write a letter to their parents using persuasive writing skills. He had to write a persuasive essay convincing me to help others during the Christmas season.

There is nothing more that I enjoy that getting to read an essay written by one of my children.  Maybe its because I love creative writing and love to see their skills slowly evolve, but mostly its because the younger they are the more darling cute they are.  Reagan did not fail in the darling cute department.

It went like this:

Dear mom,

I think we shold help people in need because they mite stave to deth.  Another reson is thay mite be an ice cude so we shold give them som un-used clothing to weare.  The thred reson is thay will de so un-hidrated thall die.  The last reson is thall die of no food so we shold give them food to eat.  thaws are all the resonns why we shold give the un-welthy people stuff!!  marry cristmas mom
Reagan Bauman


I adore this little brown eyed boy more every single day.  And this essay melted my heart even more. (I wasn't really against giving to the needy to begin with, but this certainly would have convinced me if I was:-)

My favorite part(s)?

They might be an ice cude and they will de so un-hidrated thall die.

That, my friends, is creative writing and persuasive.

Not cold but ice cudes.

Not thirsty but un-hidrated.


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