Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Caution: you room has just been Strigified!

I left work late tonight.  I clocked out on time, but sat around and chatted with my co-workers.  I was feeling a little bit pouty, if I can admit it.  I know I'm getting old and birthdays don't really matter anymore, but the thought of going home to an empty house just seemed hard.  Well, almost empty house.  I have the guinea pigs.

Once I got home, I noticed there was a note on the door.
 I was so surprised.  I didn't realize I left the garage door unlocked so I was surprised that there was a note.

There was more waiting for me inside!

On my bedroom door:
Then in my bedroom:
(Excuse the unmade was a very long/busy day with an early start :-)

On the bed was a card and two gifts.  

"I could'n have asked for a better mom.  How did I get so lucky?"- Rhianna

"love u mom  I picked this card out for u luv u" - Riley

"give me a R give me a eagan that what you spell Reagan"  love, Reagan.

( cute is this?  And I was crying at this point!!!)

My kids are the best.  Ever.

And I have a pretty amazing sister as well :-)

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