Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Names of God

One thing I am enjoying most about being in my 30's is that I finally don't care that I'm weird.

Instead I embrace it.

And I think what I just put on my wall could be classified as weird.

And I don't care.

In fact, I love it :-) :-)

I've been wanting to do something like this for a few years but never had the guts.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe its because I knew I could never get it quite perfect (its NOT perfect, but its done:-)  Or maybe because its different, a little odd.  I mentioned this idea to a friend a few years back.  She just smiled and said "That sounds like you."  I think she meant it as a compliment...I'll just assume that it was.

I wanted to put a collection of the names of God on my wall.  A BIG piece of art.  I first got the idea when I started decorating with vinyl lettering from the home based parties.  But the idea I had in mind would cost hundreds.  So I never did it.

I was given a Cricut a few years ago and over time I acquired vinyl from one project or another.  Here was the opportunity to make my creation for pennies instead of hundreds :-)

After Thursday and finishing my project in my bedroom, I woke up Friday with the creative itch still scratching.  I decided to tackle this project while the kids were at school and before I had to go to work.  I had better other things to do like clean the bathroom and sweep the kitchen floor, but decided that could wait for another day.

In researching what names I would put up, I originally came up with putting the name of God with the meaning below it.  But that soon seemed too boring, too cut and dry.  In searching names and ideas online, I mixed a few and came up with my own concept.  It wasn't planned, I just went along as I worked.  Adding new names here and there and making new ideas up.

When I went to get the colors of vinyl, I was stuck between ivory and brown.  I decided to put names of God in ivory and names of Jesus in brown and mix them all together.

I put these on my wall to remind me of who God is.  It is far from perfect.  I've already peeled letters off to adjust them and I probably will fix a few more.  But its done.  Its up there and its legible.  I finally decided that if I waited until I had the time to do it perfect, it wouldn't get done at all.  {I'm sure my graphic designer friends are nauseous at the sight of the crookedness...I'm sorry!}

I have more to put on the other side.  I'm not done with the wall.  I have boxes still to unpack.  I almost cropped the boxes in the corner out of the picture; embarrassed I still have boxes to unpack, but decided if I can post pictures of imperfect art, I can post pictures of unpacked boxes.

There are many, many more names that I could list.  I only chose the names that stood out to me.

Emmanuel: God is with us
Abba: Father (A favorite...since I lost my dad I sometimes cry to Abba.  Its much more personal that just saying Dear God.  Try it :-)
Yahweh/Jehovah: This is God's name. (Yahweh: Hebrew  Jehovah: translated).
Yahweh is probably my most favorite name of God.  It is HIS name.  All god's have names (think Zeus, Methuselah, etc....all are false gods, but considered gods to some)  using God's name we can set Him apart from other (false) gods.  We can speak His name.  When I am at my lowest, I often call to Yahweh.
El Elyon: The Most High God
El Shaddai: Lord God Almighty
Adonai: Lord, Master

One thing that I love about the idea that God has so many names is the concept that He is too big for just one name.  He needs a multitude of names to describe Him.  Look them up; study them. Get to know God in all that He is.

Study His names.  Think about a friend...if you just called them Boy or Girl... how impersonal that relationship would be?!  But if you called them by name or better yet, meaningful nicknames, think how close your relationship would be.  To know their name(s), you would have to spend time with them, invest time in them, love them.  Shouldn't it be that way with God?  Should we just call Him God (in the generic term) or should we know Him by His name?  The same way He knows us by all of our names?

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