Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What a day. {And what a spoiled girl I am!}

What a day.  And what a spoiled girl I am.

So many cards with so many fun things tucked inside.  One card had $34 and some Valentines for the kids.  How thoughtful!!

So many texts wishing me a happy day and countless messages on Facebook as well.

My day started out normal.  Picked up the kids at moms (I worked last night).  I found a container of cupcakes (I LOVE cupcakes!!!) along with a card and a gift card to Target. (Actually...2 gift cards. One from mom and one from Tricie.

Did everyone see how gorgeous it was this morning?  The trees were laden with diamonds twinkling in the early morning sunlight. The snow was spraying little puffs of sparklers in the wind. As if dancing one last dance before spring starts to push in.

I drove past the orchard on the way to moms.  The trees stood still in their rows with white lace wrapped around their branches, breathing in the misty veil that hung over them.  I wanted to stop, get out, and walk through the frozen mist. And breathe the beauty in.

I drove the kids to school.  I cleaned a house today and then this afternoon did a bit of shopping.  I had  some gift certificates that needed to be spent :-) I found curtains for my bedroom and I am so excited with what I found.  I made it home with a few minutes to spare before the kids walked home from school.  *Finally...its warm enough that they can walk home.  Amazing how warm it feels now that the temperature hit double digits.  Heat wave, for sure!

Earlier in the day I had gotten a text from a special someone who is a close friend to my mom.  She never forgets our birthdays and even gives each of my kids (and nieces and nephew) a gift for their day as well.  She said she wanted to bring me dinner because she knows how busy I am.  She delivered a huge box of food filled with yummy goodness. (enough food to last us THREE meals...YEAH!!!)  I wish I was more thoughtful and had more time to do things like that for people.  Maybe someday?

Last week, after blowing up on my blog, I received an email from my friend in St. Louis.  She sent me an online Pizza Hut gift card.  How awesome is that?

 At the time I wanted to use it IMMEDIATELY, but knew that this week was going to be more hectic than last so I was saving it for tonight.  My friend Diane met us at Pizza Hut and we had a great time.  We are both so busy with work and such so its a rare treat that we get to do something together.

I had a great day.  I was with my kids, with my friend, and was spoiled rotten by everyone.

Thank you to everyone who sent their love and so many said they are praying for what lies ahead this coming year.  It made me want to cry each time I read it.  I am so blessed!  

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  1. Sorry I forgot your b day Jules, glad you felt the love from everyone else!