Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

This weekend I took the kids to see their grandparents in West Virginia. 

We had a wonderful visit. 

Not knowing for sure when we will make it back made the visit bittersweet. 

The children adore their grandparents and they are adored in return. 

They have their secret little jokes and as the children grow older they are making their own memories. 

Pawpaw told the kids that they needed to go on a walk around the yard to make sure the Wompon cat wasn't lurking around.  Riley joined in on the joke and told the two littles that it was 10 feet tall and was yellow with purple stripes.  Rhianna and Reagan gladly joined in the hunt.

The uniform required for hunting Wompon cats are: one of pawpaw's caps and a light saber or a ring pop. 

These items are strict requirements.

Unfortunately, the only two who ever saw the cat was Pawpaw and Riley.  Rhianna and Reagan kept missing the sightings.

After a rainy Friday, we were thankful for a sunny Saturday.  Uncle Steve and Uncle David hid the eggs for the big Easter Egg hunt.

We had to leave early Sunday morning to make it to church in Sardis for Easter services. 

The kids hugged and kissed Mawmaw and Pawpaw goodbye knowing it would most likely be a year until they had the chance to visit again.

On the way up the interstate, they said "I wish Pawpaw and Mawmaw lived next door and Kendra lived down the block". 

I'm so thankful they have close relationships with their family on their dad's side.  It is good. And I'm thankful.

After stopping in Sardis for Sunday School/Easter Service, I decided to stop in Marietta to get a few photos of the children on the college campus.

My dad went to Marietta College.  He loved to go back and visit the campus and had taken me once or twice.  I only have bits and pieces of memories there with him.  But the more I visit the more I remember. And the more I remember the more contended I feel. 

And that is good. 

The kids know how much I enjoy the beautiful brick walks. 

The gorgeous old buildings.

The memories triggered.

The smell of knowledge.

My lost dreams of one day attending.

I didn't know the next time I would make it through Marietta. 

I don't know the next opportunity I will have to take photos of my kids walking the places where my dad once walked.

I wanted to seize the moment and capture all that I could.

Which today I did. Until it rained. 

But I got some good shots. 

Riley said "Mom. Get us running in the white stuff. Won't it look nice?" 

I smiled.  "Yep Riley. It'll look great"

Doesn't it? 

That white stuff? Not snow.  Gorgeous, dainty petals. Floating. Down.


  1. I love that part of our USA. How far are the grandparents from Sardis?

  2. Paul,

    They are in Mt. Nebo, which is close to Summersville. It takes me around 3 1/2 hours to get to Sardis from there.