Thursday, April 7, 2011


Is it just me? Or do you sometimes feel like you are living in a video game similar to this:

I do.


See that little froggy in the middle of the road? Getting ready to be smashed by the semi-truck?

Well, that's me. 

Or at least how I feel most days.

Thankfully, I haven't gotten 'hit' by the cars.

And somehow I always seem to manage to 'jump' on the logs at just the right time avoiding one catastrophe or another. 

Praising God the screen hasn't yet flashed "GAME OVER".

One morning as I was racing to get the two older children to school, I came upon the city's street sweeper.  As I veered around them quickly I realized I felt that my life was like a video game. Dodging one thing or another.  Always racing from one job to the next. Trying to get it all done in the allotted time so that I can get to the next job in time So I can get home in time for the kids. Racing. Running. Swerving. Veering. My life. The video game.

Kinda like in frogger.  You have to wait and then hophophop quickly to get past the cars.  And then screeeeechhhh to a stop before you hop in front of another car.  Quickly hophophop past the next lane of traffic. 

Then pantpantpant. Rest. Pray. At the break between dodging semis and leaping onto logs. 

Then. Quick. There's a big log. Hop.skip.jump.  Tiptoe your way across the turtles.  And skedaddle your way into the little cubby the froggy calls home.

That pretty much sums up my days.   

As tiring as it is.  My life is exciting.exhilarating.  And fun.  I kinda like my life.  'Ribbit.

How 'bout you?


  1. Yep Linda. You are playin' the same game as me!

  2. Remember how much fun we had playing that game??

  3. Julie, I love reading your blogs. They always make me think and usually make me laugh out t loud. I pray with you, cry with you, and laugh with you. Please don't stop writing.