Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Twelve on Twelve

I'm going to try something...but don't hold me to it. 

I'm going to take 12 photos of my day, on the 12th day of each month.

Which is today. Or yesterday.  It's one hour into tomorrow.  The 13th.  Anyhow.

I follow a blog where she takes ten in ten.  And I love it.  Check it out here .  Thanks Betsy for a great way to share your day!

I had a great time today taking photos.  It was fun to quick catch a snapshot of something that struck me as a blessing.  Methinks this will keep me thinking on happy things... (Phil. 4:8)

Started my day off by dropping the kiddos off at school before running Reagan to the sitter...

After we got home, I started favorite chore at home. Seriously.  I love doing laundry. I think it's genetic.  Just ask my mom.  And my grandma. 

After I had the first load going, I ran upstairs and started a pot of coffee. Folgers Drizzled Caramel coffee with French Vanilla creamer in my favorite mug.  The one way I spoil myself.  Then as an added thought...topped it off with whipped cream.  Doesn't get much better than this:

Had forgotten to pack my lunch for work today and came home starved.  Found some salsa and a bag of chips I had stashed away.  These tortillas?  Never tried 'em before today.  But they are now a necessity when it comes to salsa and chips.  Yum.

Setting the table for dinner...

Rhianna crying because I didn't take her picture with the bowls.

Rhianna smiling when I said I wanted a picture of her *new* smile.  Her top teeth are starting to come in.  And I think it is so cute.

Eating carrots at dinner:

While Riley gives her bunny ears...

Because we all know that eating carrots = turning into a bunny.  Right??

Finished homework:

Worked on my homework:

Finished my day with a wonderful visit from a precious friend.  Spent time chatting, crying together, reading the Bible together and praying together for each other.  Love you Nina!

I had a day full of blessings.  Whipped cream, black bean tortilla chips, a washing  machine, dinner (thanks Gail:o) and a wonderful, spiritually uplifting visit. 

What were your blessings today?

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