Friday, May 13, 2011

12 in 12...A Day Late

Yesterday I had such a wonderful time snapping snapshots here and there throughout my day.

But blogger was down so I couldn't get on. Here I am...doing my Twelve in Twelve. A day late.

The first few pictures are of the beautiful nature that is in my backyard. I took these right after a downpour, so the leaves still have droplets on them. Gorgeous:

The last picture of the leaves is one of my favorite. This tree was dropped from the heavens into my yard. Literally.

This tree started growing in the perfect place in my backyard. The awesome thing is that there is no other oak trees of this breed in my neighborhood. Which means a bird must have dropped the seed. It is now a tall tree that is gorgeous!

I saw the rain boots of a little girlie sitting on my stoop. Couldn't resist getting a shot of 'em. Aren't they darling?

And the little girlie the boots belong to? Well. She's darling too!

I am helping a friend plan the spring carnival at Rittman Elementary (May 21st 2-4 pm for those who are interested in coming :o)

I ordered a new carnival game and it came yesterday. It looks like fun and will be enjoyed by all!

At dinner we had BBQ wings (my kids' favorites) and cupcakes for treats:

Books at bedtime!

And a book for me...which I highly recommend.

I pray that God will pour blessings upon you as He has poured rain and drenched the earth the past few days.


  1. I've read that book - a good read!

  2. Have You thought about your own greeting card business? Your pics are great!