Thursday, May 19, 2011


Tonight after Riley was sent to bed early as a punishment, he declared that he was running away in the morning.

Our conversation went a bit like this: (R:Riley, M:Mom)

R: Wake me up early 'cause I'm running away and need to pack some things.

M: Oh yeah. Where are you going?

R: I don't know. I'll find somewhere.

M: Well, you might want to rethink it. Its been raining alot lately and you will get wet.

R: I'll pack an umbrella.

M: What about snow in the winter?

R: I'll pack my snowsuit.

M: Won't you be scared to sleep outside all alone?

R: I'm getting an apartment.

M: Oh yeah? With what money?

R: I'm packing my wallet.

M: Do you know how much it costs to get settled in an apartment?

R: No.

M: About $2000.

R: Oh. Maybe I'll just go to Nick or Sevi's.

M: Well. Their moms might not want another boy. Besides. I'll miss you.

R: Oh, well I'll come visit you. Three times a week. Monday. Wednesday. Friday and then I'll spend the night on Sunday. You can do my laundry.

M: Oh. Thanks. Can I make you dinner too?

R: Yea. I guess.

M: Well, it sounds like a plan. I guess you better get some sleep for your big day tomorrow. I did want to tell you that you might want to rethink this. I'm going to Connecticut in a few weeks and was planning on only taking you. But if you aren't living here, I guess I'll take Rhianna and Reagan.

R: (pondering slightly) Well. I guess I could wait a few weeks until after the trip to run away.

M: Yea. You could. And you might want to remember that we are moving there soon. Why don't you wait until we move there to run away so you can still visit me three times a week and have your laundry done?

R: But I don't know anyone good enough there to run away to them.

M: Well. When we are there for a week in a few weeks you could scope out some people and make a better plan.

R: Yea. I guess I could. I'll do that.

M: Or you could just not run away. You know I'd 'kinda miss you don't you?

R: Well, I could wait.

M: Why don't you wait, graduate high school, go to college, find a great Christian woman, marry her and then move out?

R: Will she be pretty?

M: Maybe.

R: Well. I guess I could wait to run away until then.

Phew. Looks like I get to keep my little guy for a few more years!

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  1. Hilarious! This is beyond cute, Julie - I think it's pretty clear that he adores you, even if he was mad at the time! =)