Monday, May 2, 2011


Have you ever woken up and realized you are really late somewhere?

And then realized it was a dream when you woke up (for real) and realized to your utter relief that it was in the middle of the night?


That happened to me today.

Only I didn't wake up from a dream.

It was real. A true to life nightmare.

I was supposed to be a chaperon for Riley's 2nd grade field trip to the Cleveland Natural History Museum.
The bus was promptly leaving at 8:45 am.

I got a text from a friend at 8:44.

"Where are you?"

This weekend my final project is due on Healthcare in our Nation.  And I was up until 3:30 the night morning before researching and writing and rewriting and researching some more.

Needless to say, I didn't hear any of the four alarms that went off.

I FLEW out of bed texting Carrie like mad.  Only to find out the buses were pulling out.  Riley, who had already been up and dressed, was bawling his eyes out.  Me?  Felt like the world's worst mother.ever.possible.

I called the school and asked if I could just drive up there and meet them.  Thankfully, they said that was fine.

I flew like a maniac and got ready.  Ran Rhianna up the hill to school and then headed up Interstate 71, driving like a mad woman.

At one point I did get a text from my friend that said this:  "The way you drive I figured I'd see ya go flying by us." 

Thankfully, she was on the bus with Riley's teacher.  She quietly told her what happened and that I was on my way. 

As I was frantically driving up 71, Carrie kept me up to date on their progress.  I knew I wouldn't be too late but wasn't sure how much he would have to miss.

I told Riley that I figured we would only miss the first 15 or 20 minutes of the field trip.  He wasn't impressed.

While I was driving, I quick tried to figure this story problem in my head:

If a bus, going 55 mph, leaves Rittman at 8:45 am and a mini van going 90 mph, leaves Rittman at 9:25am, at what point will they meet up?

I had prayed while I was rushing around at home that God would somehow slow them down and somehow speed me up.  "Please, dear Lord. Don't punish Riley for my mistake."  I opened the Bible to Jesus talking to Mary and Martha and this is what it said:  "I have heard your prayers".  

I was only about 20 minutes from the museum and I got a text from her.  She said they were there. But they were waiting on the other bus to arrive so they could unload.  That. Was my answered prayer.

We parked and rushed in.  Just then I got a text from Carrie saying her group was with my group and directed me where to go.  We flew around the corner and there they were.  They had just started the tour. We hadn't missed a thing.  Not one minute.  Then, Riley was impressed.

The day ended up wonderful. The kids had a great time. We saw dinosaurs, telescopes and a planetarium. Which I love.  It was a blast.

Riley was so forgiving and understanding.  I am so amazed at his forbearance of me.  I learned a lot from my 8 year old today.  How unforgiving would I have been?  How impatient am I with others when they fail me?  Somewhere he learned patience, forgiveness and forbearance.  Not from me. 'Cause I learned it from


  1. Awwww. You're NOT a terrible mother but every mother knows what that feels like. Like when you fly off the handle and your child is standing there staring at you like "are you my mother? really? forever?". If feels awful when you fail the ones you love most. -bonnie

  2. Don't you just love the way that God takes the time to answer our requests? To show Himself strong and mighty even in the mundane details of our everyday lives? So glad that you had a great time today!