Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Bitterness is an ugly root that tries to grow and control our hearts.

Sometimes,at our house, we fight this battle. With all of the hurts, disappointments, jealousy or anger; the frustrations begin to grow.

Then with Gods help, we overcome them only to be hurt again. Its like weeding my gardens...as soon as I get it cleaned out, a small weed will pop up. Daily I must weed our hearts so we can be beautiful in God's eyes.

(Not my actual garden...but wouldn't this be amazing?)

A few weeks ago, we were going through a stage where Riley was getting really mean towards Rhianna. I could see it worsening and then recognized it as resentment.

One night at bedtime, I sat on his bed and told him that these actions were going to stop. Immediately.

I told him I knew of people who were chronically bitter. And it wasn't pretty.

I told him I loved him too much, that he was too good of a person for me to let him become bitter.

I told him he was on an ugly path and it would only get uglier as time went on.

I wasn't sure if he was totally comprehending all of this. But wasn't sure how else to get through to him.

He looked me dead in the face and went 'screeeeecccchhhhhhhh'

I'm sure my face had a startled look, not sure what he was doing. Maybe even worrying that he was convulsing??

I asked him. "What was that?"

He said "My brakes. I'm not going to go down that path anymore. I'm stopping"

Then he proceeded to act like he was driving a vehicle.

Again, quizzically, I asked him "and what is that?"

He said "Me. I'm driving a jeep through the woods. Away from the path of bitterness and to the path of happiness"

My heart skipped a beat.

He got it.

Ever since, if he gets a bit moody I just say "Riley, what path are you on?" And he usually grins and straightens up.

I try and be compassionate towards the little man. He has been through entirely too much and has recently been frequently provoked.

But I love him way too much to let it destroy him.

Can you pray for him? I see so much positive potential for his future. He is so wise for an 8 year old. God must have some serious plans for this kid. I'm just scared that as his mother I will fail him.

As much as I try and be the one to teach him ~ I am the one who learns so much.

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  1. Praying...and Julie, you WILL fail him at times, but God never will. You're doing a fantastic job, and I just wanted to say that I thought your Mother's Day post was beautiful and very thought-provoking. Thank you.