Monday, May 16, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

As many of you know, I love purses. (Shoes too, but purses especially.) My love for purses was dormant until I began selling custom purses. Then a monster was unleashed.

I started my TLC Kavnas business in 2005 and it has blossomed into a huge success.

For those who do not know what TLC is all about I would love, love, love to inform you.

TLC Kanvas is a company that was started in 1981. They design the style of the handbag, but let you create the colors. Imagine that. You get to become as creative as you want. The sewers know all too well how I get a bit carried away with this. (Yes. Stripes, dots and daisys do go together!)

It gets better.

All of our bags are washable. Not wipe of the side of the bag with a damp cloth washable, but throw it in the washing machine washable. Ladies, do you have any idea how nasty/germy your handbag is? Check this out (but do it with may make you sick!)

And it gets better.

Did you know that every single piece of our product is made right here in America? Better yet, right here in Ohio? Many of the designer handbags are made elsewhere and are imported. We are proud to be 100% American made!

And it gets better.

You can get this product for free. Pretty nifty, huh? We have an incredible hostess plan and the favorite part of my job is helping the hostess order her free product.

My favorite experience? Was when one hostess actually let out a 'whoop' when she ordered a whole new set of luggage and more...FOR FREE.

And it gets better.

All of our product has a guarantee. Up to 3 years depending on the fabrics. Find that anywhere else.

And it gets better.

In April they brought out their spring line. OH MY. I can't believe how absolutely amazing it is.

And it gets better.

From what they tell me the fall line will be even better.

Wanna see some product?

This is Grace Our newest clutch. Me? I have two. One in the black and one in the wicker. I this clutch. Gorgeous!

Meet Bailey I have her in Zebra. Love this hobo.

This is Lois my favorite of the two new hobos. A bit smaller than Bailey, but just as functional. I have her in purple mum.

My favorite 'day' purse: Amy. She is shown in wicker with a cordura base. She is gorgeous with a flower pin or a monogram on her side. She is an essential for any woman and is cross-generational. I own one (wicker with a red bottom) and we bought my mom one with a sky bottom for mother's day. She screamed with joy. Literally. Screamed.

This is our Boat Bag Very large and roomy with a nautical look. It is a must have for the lazy summer days spent on the boat or at the beach.

Meet Paige. The only one of the bags shown that I do not own...however, she is next in line. Just as soon as I decide what fabrics to choose...

This company is family owned and operated. It adopts each consultant as one of their own. Check out their website

Click on the link to check out our catalogs and get information on how to contact me.
I would love to give you get product that is washable, guaranteed, made in America, designed by you all for free.

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