Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

The special day where we celebrate our Mothers.

For the gift of life, for the sacrifice in raising us and the blessings of love.

But what has been on my heart lately are the mothers who constantly give of themselves. Without thanks or praise.

The single moms who have no support system.

I am a single mom.

One who struggles with loneliness.weariness.exhaustion.frustration.stress.hurt.anger.

But I have a support system.

I have God who takes care of my every need.

I have Jesus Christ, the best friend.ever.

I have my mom who is there for me.

I have sisters who help me.

I had a dad who loved me.unconditionally.

I have a brother who plays with my boys.

I have an amazing brother in law who loves my kids.

I have an aunt who helps babysit my kiddos.

I have cousins who are amazing with my kids.

I have friends to help lessen the loneliness.

I have so many people holding me up in prayer and doing so many kind deeds that sometimes it amazes me.

I have people in my life who are wise and are willing to guide me through tough decisions.

But what about the single mom who doesn't have any of these things?

All of us may have contact with them in one way or another.

Whether it is through work. Or school. Or just an acquaintance.

But you know at least one.

One that needs some encouragement. Just a smile. Some form of acknowledgement that you care.

Just show her love and mercy and compassion. Like Christ would.

Many people don't understand the pain we bear. The loneliness. The self-doubt of how to raise our children. The intense weariness. The constant anger or frustration at the other parent who abanodoned us and our children. The pain from years of abuse that still hasn't healed. The pressure we have of trying to give our children a 'normal' family life.

What can you do to show the single mom in your life the mercy and compassion of Christ?

Don't remind her that it was her choices that led her to this place! We already know this and you can trust that we are our toughest critic.

How would Jesus treat her if He were walking the earth?

I think of the woman at the well. We know she had five husbands, but it doesn't mention children. There is a strong possibility she had many.

How did Christ receive her? How did Christ speak with her? How did Christ show her love? Did He condemn her? Did He ridicule her for her prediciment? Or did He just show her the way to a life of forgiveness and healing?

I have been so blessed. I have such a large support system. I have friends who call and check on me just 'because they were thinking about me'. I have a mother,sisters and many friends who help me with my children. I have a wonderful church family who supports me in so many ways.

What I am asking for is some attention to the single moms who have

Why not be the vessel in which Christ can minister to her?

Why not be the one she can count on for words of encourgement and compassion?

Why not be the one she can trust, admist all the hurt and abuse she has been through?

Why not be the one who sends her a card that just says "I care"?

Why not be the one that reassures her she is doing a good job raising children? And give her kind words of advice on how to make it even easier?

Why not take her kids for her. Just so she can get a bit of a break.

If you are a man, play ball or wrestle with her boys. Build something with them. Pray with them. Show them what a real man, a Godly man, is all about.

Bake cookies with her daughters. Read with them. Hold them.

Why not be the one who her children can count on to love them?

Why not be the one who she can count on to be on her side?

Why not be the one who she can count on to be her friend?
Even when she is grumpy from the overexhaustion of doing a mulit-person job.

Why not be the one who hugs her when she is beaten down emotionally?

Why not be the one who promises to pray for her and offers to pray with her?

Why not give her hope?

Happy Mother's Day to mothers across the world. Especially those who are doing a spectacular job alone.

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