Sunday, September 16, 2012

Does he?

When the call came from the realtor that Randy signed the thought struck me: “Does he ever think about them?”  As he signed the paper, they must have crossed his mind.  Didn’t they?

Does he ever wonder how their day was or what they are doing now?  Does he remember that it is Rhianna’s birthday today and does he know how old she is?  Does he remember their middle names?  The color of their eyes?  Does he remember their personalities? That Riley is intense and motivated and a really great kid.  Does he remember that Rhianna is sweet and tender hearted and she is the only one of the three who still prays for him at night?  And that Reagan is so stinking cute and so.very.ornery and keeps our lives entertaining?

Does he remember that Riley has a slight dimple that you have to watch for to catch it?  Does he remember that Rhianna has the blondest, softest, hair and that she still screams when I comb it?  Does he know that Reagan’s eyes have a certain gleam when he is plotting the next activity?  

Does he remember how much they loved him, even when he was so mean and pushed them away?  Does he ever feel guilty for abandoning them and hardly supporting them with only a few dollars in support here and there? 

Does he know that Rhianna’s favorite food is macaroni and cheese and Reagan still doesn’t eat much?  Does he know that Riley eats 5 apples a day (literally!).

Does he know that Riley prefers to ride his bike to school early to hang out with his friends?  Does he know that Riley is in the 4th grade?  Does he know that Rhianna is having a difficult year and that she misses her 1st grade teacher?  Does he know that Reagan can read now?

Does he know that we have taken up fishing as a hobby?  Does he know that all three kids can ride their two-wheeled bikes?   Does he know that Riley is playing football this year and is doing really good?  Does he know that Reagan started flag-football and scored a touchdown at the first practice?  Does he know that Rhianna wants to start baton lessons?

Does he know that Riley is trying to be as tall as me as quickly as he can?  Does he know that Riley can mow the lawn now?  And start the mower, alone? Does he know that Rhianna is old enough to help me cook and work in the kitchen?   

Does he know that we are doing good. really~ really good without him?  Does he know that Reagan thinks he died and tells people this? Does he know that these kids are rising above his abandonment and becoming really great people?  Does he know that we are moving on and creating our own family with the four of us?    

Does he even care?
It was approximately 18 months ago he last saw them.
Above photo was around that time.
Below photo is current.
Would he know them?


  1. Julie, this is an amazing post and now I feel like I know your children that much more. Thank you for the post and I hope you don't mind I shared it on fb.