Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I have the sweetest daughter. In the whole world. Really, I do!

Setting the stage:

Saturday night Riley and I started bringing boxes down from attic to move to the storage unit. We stacked them in the living room so I could run a few boxes over every day in my car.

I gave each child a job to do so I could run one load over right then.  When I came home one box had papers strewn all over the living room, another box of snow clothes was spread all over and three containers upstairs had clothes drug through.

And not one job was complete.


What happened after that:

For the most part, I can control myself.  But I was dead tired and instead of three jobs done, I had a wreck of a house.  I had homework and probably a list a mile long.

Instead of staying calm.

I flipped out.

I guess it happens rare enough that when the yelling occurs they march to the orders.

After I put them to bed, I felt bad that I lost my temper.  But the mess that they made was enough to make anyone lose it; and I am worse than just anyone.  I can't stand messes. 

What I found the next day:

Dear Mom I'm sorry we made you so mad can you for give us  sore Rhianna
PS. look on the back. somthing is ther it's not much.

I found this cute note on the floor by my bed on Sunday afternoon. I guess Rhianna left it there Saturday night and I missed it in the morning.

I hate to admit it, but I laughed and laughed.  It wasn't funny, but it just struck me as such.  It was too cute. 

I snuggled her and we talked.  She sheepishly grinned when I asked her if she understood why I was so upset the night before.  Of course, all three did.  (It was a MESS!)  I apologized for yelling and they forgave me.  We've all moved on since then.

I am so thankful for the children God gave me.  Each one is so unique and special.  They each show me they love me in their own way and I appreciate them so much.  I am giving them my best; I just hope that even with my mess-ups, its good enough.


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