Monday, September 24, 2012

Reagan's Day Out...posted really late

I had taken each child out for a fun outing this summer.  I had already taken Rhianna to Build a Bear and Riley to see White Savage. 

After meeting Becky (Rhianna's Build a Bear) Reagan wanted to go there himself.

Warning: There are a lot of pictures.  He's just so stinkin' cute I couldn't resist taking tons of pics of his twinkling brown eyes.

Ready to go!
First time visiting Build-a-Bear!

"I think this is who I want...he has eyes like me."
Changed his mind.  Chose a white bear. 
Then insisted on buying shoes for Rhianna's Becky before shopping for himself. 
Told you he was sweet :o)

Waiting for 'Snow' to be stuffed.
Pushing the pedal to stuff 'Snow'.

Giving Snow an air bath.

Squeeze test!
Ready to go home with Snow!
Stopped by a photo booth for a fun shot of the two of us.
Waiting on them to print.

Love photo booth pictures. So much fun!
Snow is dressed and ready for some football!

Enjoying a sandwich at Mickey D's.

Setting down the sandwich and ignoring the fries, he devoured his apple slices.
 Love my apple lovin' boy :o)

We had tons of fun together and the day went by too fast. 

I'm so glad I decided to spend a few hours alone with each child; it gave us time to talk and reconnect.  I'll try and do this every summer!

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