Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pa Ingalls

As a single mom, I am aware of the statistics out there for boys who have no father in the home. 

Basically, according to stats, my boys will end up in prison and my daughter will be involved in an abusive relationship. 

'Kinda depressing.

I have decided to do my part to fight those statistics in my children's lives.

My children have two wonderful uncles (and aunts!!) who play hard with them and spend lots of time with them, not to mention cousins and friends. 

I appreciate that so much.

But I decided to go one step further in finding examples for my kiddos. 

This idea came to me one night when we were reading Little House on the Prairie.  

Pa Ingalls went hungry so Ma and Mary and Laura and Carrie and Baby Grace could eat. 

I pointed this out to my boys.  "This is what a real man would do for his family".

Since then every night when we are reading, and Pa does something that stands out to me, I point it out to them.  To the boys of what they should be and to Rhianna to what she should look for in a man.

Charles Ingalls was probably just doing what he knew was right to do to provide for his family. 

And yet 100+ years later, his example is making the difference in 3 children's lives.

I know I have quite a few single parents as readers.  Don't give up hope.  Don't give up trying to raise your children to be Godly people.  Though statistics (Satan) shout in our face that we will fail; fight back in all the ways you can! 

I tell my boys all the time that they have so much knowledge that some other boys do not have.  They know what it is like to be fatherless.  And with that knowledge they have a choice.  Either repeat what their dad did and abandon their children (and then I would chase them with a stick:o) or they can pour all the hurt they have into loving their children and being the best father.ever. 

I'm just thankful that all that is required of me is my best.  And God will fill in the cracks.  Pour Himself in between the bricks of our lives and be the mortar that cements us together.

I'm so thankful for all the wonderful examples God has put in our lives.  Even Pa Ingalls.