Saturday, September 1, 2012

Little By Little (or perhaps I should say) 'A Whirlwind'

About a week ago, I wrote about the (new) obstacles I am facing with the sale of the house/move/life in general.

But as that verse I read in Exodus 23 said “little by little…” and little by little things have settled.  Actually, in one big whirlwind.  It was as if God saw my extreme stress and how it was affecting me physically and came and wiped it away.

My list of stresses was

·         Randy signing the document

·         Finding a place to live

·         Packing

In that order.

Well, since then almost all have been wiped away.  All but the biggie.

Living arrangements:

I won’t be borrowing an apple bin from the orchard to fill with straw to sleep in.

K. I wasn’t actually that worried, but I am such a planner that I did have a mental plan of how we would survive if we were homeless. :-/ This mind of mine drives me nuts.  (Maybe I’ll write it down and share sometime…it was quite creative I must say.) 

I was telling a friend at work about my living arrangements issue and he mentioned a friend who owned a duplex..yadda yadda and so forth and within 24 hours I had a place to stay. 

We didn’t go see it until the next week.  I wanted the children to see where we were going; to give them a peace of mind about our future.  The place is small in comparison to our current home, but is so completely do-able!  The layout of the duplex will give us much more room than anticipated. 

The landlord will live right next door and I’ve known him almost for forever.  He was friends with my brother in high school and knows our family well.  He loves kids and I see him being a great role model to my kiddos. 

Funny thing…he has the same name (first AND last) as the man from church in CT who offered to help me find a place to live once I move.  So my landlord in OH and CT might have the exact same name.  I guess the name I write on the rent check will be one change I won’t have to adapt to. 

The packing? 

Well, my goal is to take a box to storage every night on my way home from dropping Riley off at the park for football.  I’ve managed to do it about 2 times out of 8.  I think I either need to get on the ball or rethink my plan…

My mom came up with the idea of me packing what I am going to take to the duplex and leaving everything else that I am packing to storage to move to CT.  Then she will come in with my sisters/aunts and they will help pack up the rest. 

I think between the combo of me taking a box a night and my amazing family helping, I’ll be perfectly fine. 


Place to live: check

Packing: check

The biggie still looms. 

Randy signing the document.  In some ways the issue is resolving and others it’s getting more complicated.

The women from the title company, along with my realtor have been amazing in helping me with this. 

I believe they (we?) are going to find him, but they are going to do the talking and suggested I not even go along.  That’s the huge positive.

The negative?  Actually finding him and convincing him to sign it.  He also has to produce a driver’s license to prove he is him.  Not sure if he has that still…

I just have to put all this in God’s hands.  He brought me a buyer, has had everything go through smoothly ~ even when we weren’t sure it would go through.  Things are being approved days faster than expected.  I just have to trust that this final thing will go smoothly as well. 

I’m looking forward to moving.  It’s a much smaller house and life will be simplified drastically.  We will live there for a few months until the legal garbage is dealt with.  This is a 2-step process (will write later about it) and once step one is complete, depending on the time I will either file step-2 here or wait until we are in CT.

Once I am settled, I can concentrate on finishing school (have FOUR more classes…yippee!) and finding a place to live in CT and a job. 

This journey is far from over, but the light at the end of the tunnel is no longer a flicker in the dark but a steady beam. 

We are almost there.

Little by little.

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