Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fox and Chicks

I'm embarrassed to admit that the nights that I'm off I prefer to sit in my recliner with a cozy blankie and just...sit.

Especially last night.

It was an unexpected evening off and even though it stressed me to take the few hours off work, it was needed.

We have a trio of school projects going on right now and we needed some time to work on them. (One done...two to finish!)

After dinner and working on the poster, I wanted to curl up in my blankie and just be.  I didn't even want to read a book.  I just wanted to sit and think.

The kids were begging me to play Fox and Chicks and to be bluntly honest I didn't feel like it.  I didn't have the energy to hide, seek, and run through the house.

Riley brought me a few Advil with a glass of water and said "take this, wait a few minutes, and then lets play".

And I did.

I'm glad I did.

I'm glad I forced myself up out of the chair and played.

Rules of the game are: One person is the fox.  While he/she goes and hides, the remaining 'chicks' sit on the couch and count to 15 while closing their eyes.

I found myself being rather childish and peeked. Every time.

They soon picked up on this and the job of the 'chicks' on the couch with me was to cover my eyes so I couldn't see.  :-)

Soon it was my turn to be fox.  I did the typical hiding spots but soon that started to become boring.

One turn, I snuck into the garage....waited until they hit 15 and then snuck out of the garage (outside through the snow!) and snuck in the front door.  My plan was to cut them off in front of the couch, but they heard me sneak in and my plan didn't work like I thought.

But we laughed together.

There wasn't the worry of tomorrow.

There wasn't the stress of our unknown future.

There wasn't the concern that I still haven't been presented with a formal contract.

There was only laughter.

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