Sunday, March 16, 2014

Three Weeks

I heard from them on Friday.

She said that the team is still very interested in me.  That there are two BA roles open and I am definitely up for one of them.

She also said that the 2VP I had interviewed with had just started the Monday before my Wednesday interviews.  She told the talent acquisition rep that she needs three weeks to settle in to her new position, get acclimated, get things structured how she wants before offering someone a position.

I can understand that.


This could mean one of two things.

It could mean that she really just needs three weeks.  It could mean that within the next three weeks I will get an offer.  That she trust the opinion of the 2VP she is taking over for (the woman who originally recruited me).  It could mean that she really did like me and want to hire me.

It could also mean that she wants to pick her own team.  That she doesn't want to take the person the person who had the position prior to her had recruited.  It could mean that this is the beginning of them taking back the verbal offer.

I was told that it will be three weeks before I hear anything.


Originally I wasn't going to post anything about this interview process.  I was going to stay completely silent about the trip in the first place.  I didn't want to go through the embarrassment of having another verbal offer taken back.

But then I remembered a letter a reader sent me.  She said that she held her breath with every post (from last summer) and prayed and prayed that something would come through.

I started looking at it from a different angle.  No one is mocking me or going to condemn me if they pull the offer back.  All I will gain is prayerful support.  And I feel it. And I appreciate it.


I have stayed in contact with the other VP from Insurance Co. B.  She said she would love to get me in there and she is working on somethings to get me in, but it could take awhile.

All is not lost.  Its just acting out the patience that I have been taught to have over the past few years.  It's not a race, its life and we need to enjoy the process taking in all we can while we ride through life.

Thanks again for your love and support.  I'll update as I hear :-)


  1. Praying for you, Julie. It's been a long road, but I know God's got this! Looking forward to hearing more!

  2. Sounds like God is giving us time to squeeze in a fudge night :) It also may buy more time for your kids to be able to finish their year in school and start fresh next year. Whether or not God will is for you to get this job, I don't know, but I can be here for you and eat a lot of fudge, and I can pray for you and be here when you need to vent. Through all this I think you can see a lot of blessings, like you said the patience you have gained, the letting go of your will and letting God play our His, the blessing of seeing who your real friends are, and the time you and your kids have had to be with family. I love you and I really am proud of you for holding your chin up, even when it's hard to, I don't know that I could do it!!!

    Posted by: bonnielikesherfudge