Saturday, March 29, 2014

Job Offer

Right now I can only write the facts.  I haven't sorted out my emotions.  They are all spinning into a tangled mess and I need to sort them out, process them before writing them down.

I feel like this post has been in the works for years.  Many of you have told me how you read and waiting with me, holding your breath, waiting to hear if I got the job and then crying with me as you heard I lost the offer last summer.   I am so excited to finally get to write this post.


Wednesday, the 26th, I was finishing writing up my post about missing my dad.  To be honest, I was sitting in my recliner sobbing, thinking about him.  My phone rang and the caller ID had the 860 number on it.  I knew it was Insurance Co. A tell me something.

Its funny how fast the brain can process a thought.  My first thought was 'I'm not sure if I can handle bad news right now.  The second thought was 'I'm not sure I can handle good news right now'.

I thought both thoughts while the phone rang once.

I picked up, not sure what I was going to hear.

She chit chatted for a moment, while I held my breath.

Then she said it. "We would like to extend a formal job offer to you".

I wasn't sure I heard correctly.

I had her repeat it.

She told me that because I am replacing someone who is retiring, they need me there the first week of May.

I gulped.

One month.  That's fast.  Doable.  But fast.

Then she went through the stuff.  The healthcare options I'll have, the 401k, the vacation time, etc.

I hope they have it written down somewhere because I didn't hear any of it.  My brain was full speed at this point.

She told me I have to do the drug screen and they had an 800 number to call with a list of places that were near me.  I had three days to do it, Wednesday being one of the days.  I had to have it done by Friday.

After we hung up, I called the necessary, close friends, etc.

Then I crawled into bed and covered my head with blankets.

This is what I have wanted for so long.  And I'm so excited.  But I just dread the process of the change.

I laid there for 10 minutes and then decided to grow up and get up.

I told the kids one at a time.  Rhianna and I had to make Swiss Bread that night for a school project, so we chatted a lot while mixing, kneading, and baking it.  At the time I was inwardly groaning that I had to do another school project.  Honestly?  I think it worked out for the best.  It gave us some time to talk while focusing on something else.

Riley said he would move if I got him a dog.  After I said "um. No" he changed it to he would move only if we flew out when we moved.  (Cost effective, right?)  He tried others ways to manipulate.  I'm sure its not the last attempt.  I'll just hug him when he needs hugged, listen when he needs to talk, but I'll have to keep saying no to dogs and moving our stuff via United Airlines.

Reagan?  Reagan didn't really say much.  He has told me "No.  He's not going."  But other than that, just follows Riley's lead.

I know they will be okay.  I know they will adjust.  I know this will be best for them.  But knowing they have to break friendships is hard for me to watch.

Thursday came and I was getting ready to go to the school for Riley's DARE graduation.  The recruiter called again, to go over a few more things.

We chatted for a minute and I told her that I could be there by April 28th.  She said "that's what I need to talk to you about.  Because the woman is retiring the first week of May, we need you to spend as much time with her as possible.  We would prefer if you could come by April 14th."


They need me there in two weeks.

I know I could tell them 'No. I need more time.'  And rightfully so.  However, this is the opportunity I've been waiting on.  The job of my dreams, if you will.

I told her I needed to make a few phone calls to see if I can make this happen and I would get back with her.

Honestly, that has been my biggest change over the years.  Creating boundaries.  The old me would have said "Yes. No problem" and then just figured it out only to cause stress on myself and more stress on my kids.

I talked to a few people and then I called back and told her I could make it by April 14th, but I needed a few days off within a week to come back and move the trailer, get kids settled in school, etc. This was big for me.  Stating my needs, justifiably, and not being scared to admit I need something.

Later that morning the 2VP called me to welcome me personally and tell me how excited they are.  She said that if I need anything, ever, to let her know...and not just professionally.  She is there to help me succeed.  It was then that I mentioned hoping to have a few days off a week after I start, to go back to Ohio, load a trailer, spend Easter with my family, move the trailer, and start kids in school.  (Phew!)  She said "Absolutely.  And take Tuesday as well.  We are asking so much of you, we are more than understanding that you need some time."

That is where I am right now.

Packing and planning.

There is a lot to do in a short amount of time.

But I think its for the best.  Lets get moved and get settled.  I think if we had 6 or 8 weeks to sit and think about it, it would be harder on the kids.  Not to mention I don't get things done until last minute anyhow, so the rush of packing isn't any different than if I had 2 months :-)

There are so many thoughts rolling in my head.

So much to process.

More on that... last thing.  What is Insurance Co A?

I am so excited to be a part of the family at Travelers!


  1. Congratulations!!!!!! I am so excited to go on this journey with you through your blog!!!!

  2. So so happy for you! Congratulations!