Sunday, August 12, 2012

Date Night to White Savage

As previously mentioned on this post.  I decided to take each child out alone with Mama.  This was instead of a family vacation. 

I was brainstorming of things I could do with each one and for Riley I thought an outdoor drama would be fun. 

I went to the Trumpet in the Land website to check their dramas out.

I had seen Trumpet in the Land as a child (and highly recommend it) but had not seen White Savage. 

Opening night was July 7th and if tickets were purchased the day before they were drastically reduced in price. 

We left decent time and stopped at McDonald's for a quick bite to eat.  I was afraid we wouldn't have enough time to get Pizza Hut like Riley wanted (it ended up we were an HOUR early, so we could have enjoyed a leisurely chat over a hot pie). 

Once we arrived at the amphitheatre in New Philly we got our reserved tickets.

While we waited for them to allow seating we sat in the pavilion (it was sooo hot).  They let us into the theatre, I let Riley pick our seats encouraging him to go to the front row.  He wasn't too sure about it but decided he'd try it out.  He said after intermission he wanted to maybe sit up higher.  I told him to wait and decide until then.

After the first half, Riley was having such an awesome time he didn't want to move from our seats.  Front and center we stayed.

The second half was a bit dramatic.  A burning at the stake scene was well-done (no pun intended!) and while it was effective it wasn't over gruesome.  Thought it was a bit ironic...I try and protect my children from violence but bring my child and encourage him to sit front row to see this. We talked about it on the way it was part of American history and how sin was the real reason behind the false accusation and condemnation of this man's life.  He didn't seem scarred and it brought up a great topic.  He could see how destructive sin was. 

We made it home around 12:30 and was ready for bed.  We slept in a bit too late and missed Sunday School the next morning.  But the night was a great time....we had fun but also had quality time together to talk about some things that were bothering him. 

There's something about riding in a car in the dark that allows for awkward topics to be brought up and discussed.   

I think every summer I will try and do this...while I don't have much time to spend one on one with each child~ hopefully the occasional night out with one another will be enough to form lasting memories. 

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