Monday, August 6, 2012

Mother's Day Photo Shoot

Since 2006, my sisters and I have gotten our children together for a Mother's Day photo shoot. 

We figured mom already has everything and that it would be fun to get a group grandchild photo for her. 

This year we decided to do the shoot in the orchard with the blossoms.  Dressing the kids in whites, greens, and pinks it would look perfect with the fruit blossoms.

We had fun...

Many good shots were taken.

And some not so good shots.

But all are perfectly adorable in my book...

I took a few of just my three...

And some of Bethany sniffing the apples that are to come...

These blossoms have now turned to fruit and will be picked in the coming weeks. 

What a wonderful God we serve! 

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