Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kiddies and Chickies

My grandpa and grandma live on a farm...

Before they retired they milked cows.  How many you ask? 

Not sure.  A bunch lets say.

They also had chickens for laying. How many you ask? 

A lot.  A lot like in 25K +

(I think more....??? If I'm wrong: the sisters, cousins, aunts, and/or uncles feel free to leave a comment and correct me ;-)

This spring they decided they wanted a few laying hens.  They have around 6 chickens that lay eggs.

Very yummy eggs at that.

Grandpa had some eggs fertilized to hatch out to continue to grow his flock. 

We like to tease him that he is starting his chicken farm over.

6 to 25,000+ might take a bit of time...

When my kids and my nieces found out there were baby chickies down in the milk house they couldn't wait to go see them.

They each 'adopted' and named a chick.  Because this all happened in March/April and I'm writing this in August, the status of the newly adopted chicks is unknown.  We haven't visited them in months...

A few pics to enjoy of the kiddies and the chickies....

Why did we dress our kids up to come to the farm?? 
We came to visit after a photo shoot for a Mother's Day gift. 
See here....

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