Monday, August 20, 2012

May - July: In random order

May-July: Pictures are in random order:

Back in late May...first strawberries to ripen.

Enjoying a hayride at the Orchard's Strawberry Festival in June.
Not sure where the pics of us actually picking the strawberries went to...

Enjoying the first of many nights of sweet corn.
There are summer nights when we eat sweet corn and fresh fruit for dinner.
And that's it.

Cousins at the Orchard's Corn Festival
Reagan working on a fire-roasted ear of corn like a man...

Cupcake Bouquet for a Special
Great-Aunt's birthday.

I told the 2 Littles to go pick a few hydrangeas for me to dry.
They picked just a few ;o)

Memorial picture from Memorial Day weekend in CT.
Landscape project left the Wiegand's yard more of a fantastic dirt pile.
This is the 'pre-wash' before the actual shower.  The kiddos had the time of their lives while the Wiegands lost (I think the majority??) of the dirt from their yard as it all went into the kids' clothes.  Haha.

Fun afternoon swimming at Dan & Virginia's who graciously let us
stop over and use their pool for an afternoon of fun. 

We had an amazing summer.  Nothing too exciting, just did small and inexpensive things.  While the summer went entirely too fast, we made the best of it and are ready for the routine of school.  Next summer is going to be very different (I'll be DONE with college!!! and we plan on being settled in CT.) and we are looking forward to the new adventures that lay ahead.  

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