Thursday, June 27, 2013

Finding Beauty

I could not sleep.

The mixture of excitement and anxiety of the unknown future has me restless.

I decided to get out of bed and read old emails.

Unsure of what caused me to do this.

There was one post in particular I longed to read.

In searching for that email, I began to read the correspondences between myself and another.

It was like reading the letters of a long-ago girl written to a confidant.

A girl who had been battered and bruised.

Who was hoping to find beauty.

It was amazing to see the communication evolve into a deep and trusting relationship.

To read the emails of bantering back and forth ~ giving encouragement and advice.

Then finding that email.

Weeping for her pain.

To read the compassion in the responses.

And the belief that there was value under the rubble.

I cried harder.

Reading over the past three years,

And the last few months.

Seeing that I have come so far.

I am unsure what is up ahead.

I trust that  beauty will continue to rise from the ashes.

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