Friday, June 14, 2013

Introducing: Chinchie the Chinchilla {our mascot}

A few months ago I received a text from a friend: "We are moving and can't take our chinchilla with us.  Would you like him?"

My kids had been begging for a dog and seeing that a dog is completely and totally out of the picture, I did consider the chinchilla.
Riley and Chinchie

I had a chinchilla years ago and they are tons of fun to have.

Very low maintenance, but yet still interacts with you.  {Dog meets goldfish type of pet}

I thought about it for a week or so and then finally relented. 

I have yet to regret doing it.

The kids LOVE their pet but when we travel I can easily give it extra food and throw in a few sticks {they love apple appropriate is that?} and off we go.

Reagan and Chinchie

He had another name and we tried our hardest to keep it that.  But our family is notorious for finding nicknames and Diego soon became Chinchie and it stuck. 

When we come home he comes to the edge of the cage and looks out at us, waiting to be talked to.

Rhianna and Chinchie

Its so cute when the kids' friends come over, he hops on his wheel and runs as fast as he can.  He's rather a show-off.

Hannah (Riley's friend) and Chinchie

Be sure to watch for more tales of Chinchie the Chinchilla!!

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  1. Awww...I want one! But I fear it would quickly become dachshund dinner if I did. :(