Monday, June 24, 2013

Lincoln Museum {Springfield, IL}

This past weekend we took a quick trip to see my friend Michelle who lives in IL (almost into St. Louis).

The last time my kids were there was 4 years ago.  We did the arch and discussed how it would be fun to do the Lincoln Museum when they were a little older.

Somehow 4 years went by and we never made it out.

She called me a few weeks ago and said she came up with the idea of her parents driving the kids and I out. 

With the way things are progressing, I'll soon be 1100 miles away from her instead of 500...I thought this would be a good opportunity to get out and see her before it was too far.

We decided to head out Friday afternoon and then spend Saturday in Springfield at the Lincoln Museum.

I love that my kids are weird and love museums as much as I do :-)

In the main rotunda of the museum, the Lincoln Family stands to greet you:

The Lincoln Family + Riley, Rhianna, Reagan & Ashton. 

Abe was sitting outside his childhood log cabin with a book. 
Riley noticed he was holding a book and commented on the fact they are both book-lovers. 

 There was a child's area called Mary's Attic.  Inside was all kinds of fun things for children of all ages to do.  There was a dress-up area where you could dress up as the Lincolns, different Generals, the Lincoln children, etc. 

Rhianna as Mary Todd Lincoln

Reagan as Abraham Lincoln

Riley as Gen.  Ulysses S. Grant

Of course there had to be a little reading corner. 
It didn't take Riley long to find it.

Rhianna and a dollhouse (I think resembled the Lincoln Home in Springfield)

Kitchen area where you could pretend to cook over a fire. 

Riley noticed on the floor in the center of the main room came to a point with a penny.
We had lunch at Union Station in Springfield. 
I had to laugh when I saw the transit drive by on the city streets.  It said 'Springfield Mass Transit'.  I shouted out "Look, there's a Springfield Massachusetts bus."  Guess we know where my mind is always drifting...
We then drove a few blocks across town to the actual site of the Lincoln home in Springfield.  There were free tours, but you had to wait your turn.  We decided that waiting 3 hours with 5 tired kids on a hot afternoon wasn't the best idea. 
We walked around the little block instead.  A breeze picked up and it was a perfect day for a walk. 
The sidewalks were the old clapboard walks and along each yard was a picket fence.  Definitely nostalgic. 

A woman dressed as Mary Todd Lincoln was walking around.  I asked her if I could have my children's picture taken with her.  Riley was annoyed with me wanting a picture and Ashton was quite taken with her get-up.  It was darling, he couldn't quite stop staring at her, but did for a quick moment for the picture. 
We drove the hour back to SW Illinois and the spent the evening catching up, teaching the kids to play Risk, and having popcorn. 
Sunday we drove to church on the other side of St. Louis and heard wonderful sermons that encouraged me tremendously. 
We left around 3:15 pm (CST) and made it home a little before 1:30 am (EST).
A quick weekend with plenty of car time (just ask my kids :)  but it was nice to spend time with the Rassi's!

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