Monday, July 15, 2013

Don't Worry...Be Happy

I've been stressing the entire past month today.

I don't expect to hear anything from my latest interview quite yet;

but I was still secretly hoping I would today.

So when I didn't hear anything.

I stressed.

And worried.

And let that knot of whatiffs and howells build up in my gut.

Riley said he had the solution.  The boy who loves to take care of me and solve my problems.

"Go to YouTube and type in 'Don't Worry.  Be Happy.'"

He made me listen to it.

Isn't he sweet?  Trying to help me relax.

It made me smile...except for the parts where there are misspelled words.

Those did not make me smile.

:-) Hah :-)


I just closed my eyes.

And listened.

Tonight I am going to concentrate on just being happy. 

'Cuz I do have a lot to be happy about. 

Today I went to visit my cousin/reallygoodfriend.  Her boy and my boy are really good buddies and wanted to see each other today. 

Jody and I were looking through old yearbooks and I came across a picture of someone I didn't know. (He was quite a bit older than me).  I told her "I don't know him at all. But this picture and every other picture I have seen of him in the yearbook makes me think that he is a very happy person.  Even though you can't hear a picture, his smile looks more like mid-laughter than a smile.  He just looks so happy." 

The little boy she babysits looked at me and said "Kinda like you?"  

That stopped me dead in my tracks.  

It made me feel good. 

But it made me feel like a fraud.

I'm not always a happy, happy person.   I can get consumed with my personal stresses too easy.  Which makes me unhappy. 

I know it isn't realistic to just 'not ever worry and always be happy'....

But couldn't I worry less and be happy more?

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