Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fireworks {Last Minute Adventure}

Last night Rhianna spent the night with Grandma Tricie.

Which left me and the boys at home.

Last minute I remembered that Wadsworth was having their fireworks.

I made each boy a tall ice cream cone and we headed out at the last minute.

In the past, we have driven down to Premier on Eastern Rd.  I thought we would sit there again.

Once we got there we realized two things.  We couldn't see very well (the fireworks weren't high enough) and the lights at the dealership were entirely too bright.

I decided to drive around until we could find a better spot.

We ended up in the grocery store parking lot in town.

We could see fairly well.  But there were people gathered that kept staring at us and whispering and it creeped me out.

We decided to just drive home slowly, watching the show as we drove.

Part way home, I decided to turn towards the fireworks instead of driving home.

We ended up cruising around and getting really, really close.

As we slowly drove up the side streets, windows down, we could smell the smoke and feel the BOOM of the rockets.

The boys were hanging out of the windows, oohing and ahhing at how close we were and how the car would  jump at each BANG.

I was watching the road, weaving in and out of closely parked cars and didn't get to see any.

But hearing the boys get excited was totally worth it.

It ended up being a great time.

Sometimes I struggle with spontaneity.  Especially when it comes to kid things.

I'm glad I was tonight.  

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