Monday, July 1, 2013

Risky Business

While visiting friends in St. Louis, all three kids learned to play Risk. 

Riley especially loved the game and wanted to own the game himself.

He set to work saving up the money to buy the game.

After a few days of hard work (thanks Grandma Tricie :-)  Riley had enough money for the game.

The whole family had enjoyed playing and we have spent hours and hours around the board.

Amazingly enough, there have been very few tears shed over losing one battle or another. 

Maybe the threat of 'if you fight or cry over this and I'll pack up the game and put it in storage until you are 30' is working.


We were in the midst of a fairly intense game. 

Because it was late, we set the game aside to continue later.

Then last night Riley had a friend over and they wanted to play it.

I didn't think it was fair to Rhianna and Reagan to have the board wiped clean when they were doing so well.

So I took pictures of the board.

And because we are pretty intense players I took pictures of each continent.  Just to make sure we had a close up of each piece on the board. 

Rhianna: Maintaining Australia
Mama: Working on Asia.  Gain ground, then get beat out, only to fight back again. 

Mama: Controlling Europe with Reagan threatening at the Southern border. 

Reagan: Controlling Africa, starting to spread into Asia.
Reagan: controlling South America.  Was working into North America, but pulled back for a moment. 

Riley: Controlling North America, trying to slip into Asia through Alaska.


This is working out great.

With so many storms lately the kids can't go out and play.  So we sit and play Risk for hours. {literally...hours!} 

And its amazing how much work I can get out of them if I say "We will play Risk if the list gets done!!"


In all honesty, board games are not my thing.  I don't enjoy them at all.  But this time with my kids?  Totally worth it.

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