Friday, July 12, 2013

Graduation Ceremony {Everyone is invited!!!}

I wasn't going to do the college graduation ceremony thingie.

Multiple Reasons.

  • I wouldn't know anyone I was 'walking' with.
  • It would cost money I shouldn't spend.
  • It seemed completely unnecessary.
  • Most important: I couldn't invite all of you!!!
Then it hit me. 

I'll bring the ceremony here.  

Where all of you can attend!!

Okay. So I'm sure some of you are sighing and groaning that you have to sit through an entire graduation ceremony that is guaranteed to last entirely too long and be entirely too boring.  You might even be attempting to sneak out without me seeing.  

Which is fine.  

I understand.  

Graduation ceremonies are almost as boring as writing an essay on the different forms of telecommunication systems.  

Which I've had to do.  

And those are pretty boring. 

But for those of you who choose to stick it out and be there to whistle and cheer when my name is called there will be cupcakes for EVERYONE!!  You can maybe even have seconds! 

Here I am in my lovely gown (no cap) waiting on the ceremony to begin. 

 My diploma:

Picture with my kids after the ceremony.  Reagan was shy and was hiding behind my gown.

I really wanted to set an example to my kids.  I let them try on the gown so they know what it feels like to accomplish something. 

 These photos are real.  They did not happen because the university sent a picture of a gown with a clear back so you could put it over a photo and imagine yourself wearing it and finishing college. 

And I most certainly did not put it over a family picture and take pictures of a picture that was laying on my kitchen table so I could fool you into believing  I actually graduated in a real live ceremony.


Graduation ceremony over.  Thanks for all who decided to stick around and stay through the entire ceremony, listen patiently to all the speeches, and smile and clap politely at the millions of graduates that crossed the stage tonight to have their hand shook.  

There must have been a lot of you who stuck around, because I definitely had the loudest cheers of everyone who graduated tonight.  

You can help yourself to a cupcake.

Or two.
 Seriously. Go ahead and get seconds.  There are plenty for everyone.

In all seriousness, a million thank-yous to everyone who helped me through the past 4 years.  

There were the friends {Diane, Linda, Virginia and Betsy to name a few} who cheered me on when I was ready to give up in tears, my family who helped watch kids, my sister who helped me through Algebra, my fellow classmates who were amazing teammates and taught me so much about teamwork. 
My school adviser, Chuck, who knew exactly how to motivate me and telling me that because I was a single mom I deserved a bonus 1.0 added to my GPA :-), my counselor, Kirsten, who helped me stay focused and grounded. Even reminding me to get some sleep!, and my father-figure, Kevin, for being a constant source of wisdom and encouragement, reminding me that this is an accomplishment and this is a big deal.

But most of all my three amazing children, Riley, Rhianna, and Reagan.  For the majority of their lives I was in school.  Even when we were in hiding from their dad, I was writing essays and doing research. 
They would go to bed early and patiently so that I could get a jump on schoolwork.  They would do extra chores, so I could get a little bit of sleep.  They would be patient with me when I would oversleep from exhaustion, and make them late to field trips:( . 
They were the ones who were most excited with every 'A' and they were the ones who's mouths dropped open and a 'whoop' came out when I showed them the diploma.  I hope that they don't ever forget how much effort they put into the degree.  

Its not my diploma, its ours.  

And I dedicate it to them. 


  1. Seriously, Julie, you made me cry! I'm so happy for you to be finished! You did an awesome job overcoming so many obstacles to finish your degree and provide for and raise your family at the same time. Love you!

  2. So happy for you, Julie! Such a lot of hard work... and so worth it.