Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Troy Boy ~ #8

I'm so excited!

Troy Boy can finally fit into his #8 tie dye onesie.


Remember this post about tie dying shirts for my mom for Christmas? The one where we put the grandkids' names on the back of the dyed shirt and the number/order they are a grandchild?

I made a little onesie with an '8' on the back for the Gasser baby who was due in early January.

Yesterday was the first day of swimming lessons.

Kelly came for her girls and Troy showed up looking quite handsome in this:

He must have known that I made it for him because he laughed and talked to me for a little bit before snuggling up and going to sleep in my arms.

Love that boy.

I think the tie-dyed numbered tees should become a Christmas tradition project for the cousins!

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